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Weekend Getaway with Big Cypress Lodge

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Sometimes travelling can be A DOOZY. Although the vacation itself is beyond exciting, the planning, packing, and travelling can often get to me. That's why I typically opt for little weekend getaways. I love being able to spend time in the car with the people I love, and explore nearby cities!

For Jordan's birthday, I wanted to venture over to Memphis for the weekend! Duck hunting season is upon us, so I knew he would absolutely LOVE staying at the Big Cypress Lodge and seeing all they have to offer. With the Ducks Unlimited museum, Bass Pro Shops, cozy lodge, and location in the heart of downtown, this place was a win-win for the both of us! Also, everything is located in a freaking pyramid. Need I say more?


When Jordan and I arrived, the staff had the sweetest gift for us. As little newlyweds, these acts of kindness mean so much to us! Mr. and Mrs. Goff still gets me all giddy. The staff truly treats you like family here, and genuinely wants your stay to be memorable.

We stayed on the third floor of Big Cypress Lodge. The third floor lobby has coffee from 6-11 each day, so you know I was all about it. Decorated in the most cozy and beautiful design, sipping coffee in the mornings was so relaxing. This floor also hosts the spa, so ladies, while your mans is shopping around, get you a little mani-pedi.

We spent the majority of the day Saturday exploring the lodge/pyramid and shopping around Bass Pro Shops. When I say Jordan was beaming, I MEAN BEAMING. The Ducks Unlimited museum was super interesting to learn about the history of the brand, and see vintage artifacts. I love reading about how things began, so this was truly fun for the both of us!


We started the morning off with the most delicious breakfast at Uncle Bucks Fish Bowl and Grill. Ya girl was gonna need some coffee to see all that this place had to offer. Plus, this cinnamon roll was so good...I can't even put it to words. Everyone deserves this cinnamon roll. That's all I'm saying.

Check out their hours, and more here.

Saturday evening, we had reservations for dinner at The Lookout At The Pyramid. Located at the top of the pyramid, this restaurant has the most incredible dishes and service. Not to mention, the view! The restaurant overlooks Downtown Memphis, and has a spectacular light show on the bridge around 7:00. I highly recommend starting with the Wild Game Charcuterie while you wait for your dinner to arrive. Feel free to check out more of the menu options for lunch and dinner here.


Along with the museum and all the sights to see, Uncle Buck's Fish Bowl bowling is A TREAT! Everything is impeccably detailed, so this definitely is not your average bowling alley. Get a little drink, or snack, and lose to bowling against Jordan Goff. I never win. It's totally fine.

If you're wanting to venture out to Beale Street and explore downtown Memphis, Big Cypress Lodge offers a complimentary vehicle service that runs daily from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM and from 5:00 PM to 10:30 PM, traveling within the downtown radius of the resort. To use the shuttle, visit the front desk and an associate will call a driver! Once dropped off at your destination, the driver will give you a card with a phone number to request a pick-up later.

So, forget the stress of attempting to find a parking spot. Jason, our driver, was so kind and truly made the short trek so exciting! No need to pay extra for Ubers or Lyft, this ride is included in your stay!

Check out ALLLLLL of the activities here.

If travelling to Memphis is in your future, I highly recommend staying at the Big Cypress Lodge. There is something for everyone, the food is beyond excellent, and having so many activities in one place is LOVELY if you find yourself having a rainy day.

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