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The Ultimate Gift Guide

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

This is not the year you get your loved ones a gift card and picture frame, okay? It's not the year.

Every year, I am the absolute WORST gift giver of all time. I fully believe it's because I put so much pressure on myself to be a great gift giver, that I overthink it and opt for the safe gift card.

So we are ALL not going to be doing that this year, okay?

I have put together a few fun items for each kind of friend in your life. These gifts will make you look super thoughtful and unique. You're welcome.

Some of my favorite shops to find unique and fun gifts:

1. (the absolute OG of unique gifts)

2. Nordstrom Rack (all the goodies, but half the cost)

3. Amazon (really quick shipping if you're a last minute shopper)

4. Anthropologie (honestly any time of the year is a good time for anthro)


This is a friend we all love and cherish. You get to come over, and invade their space...and...they...LIKE IT. In full gratitude for never having to clean your house, you owe these friends something in return.

1. Monogram Coasters

2. Copper Plated Wine Glass

3. Marble Cheese Board

4. Floral Recipe Box

5. Giraffe Bottle Opener

6. Ice Cream Match Strike

7. Throw Blanket

8. Blue & Gold Cheese Knives

9. Splatter Gold Appetizer Plate

10. Gold Botanical Cocktail Shaker

11. Decorative Floral Tray


More than likely an Enneagram 3, our boss babes deserve to look FABULOUS. The majority of their life is getting after their goals, so here's to subtly making sure they remember you every day.

1. Kinley Crossbody Purse

2. Genie Crystal Loafer Mule

3. In The Company Of Women Book

4. Let Me Pencil You In Planner

5. Elago Charging Station

6. Leather Charger Rollup

7. Look At You! Laptop Sleeve

8. Yes Girl Yes Mug

9. Insulated Travel Mug Tumbler


This one I relate to the most. I do not have FOMO. I love to miss out. I love cancelled plans. Give me my robe, I'm set.

1. Speckled Stoneware Teapot

2. I Believe In Naps Boxy Tee

3. Driftwood Tray Candle

4. Kimo Cheetah Slippers

5. Let's Stay Home Mug

6. Hotel Spa Collection Plush Robe

7. The Year Of Cozy Book

8. Pom Throw Blanket

9. Hope You Told Us You Were Coming Over Doormat

10. Striped Lounge Set Pj's


ALSO VERY GRATEFUL FOR THE FRIEND THAT COOKS. I owe all of you the world. Thank you for all the nutrients I would have never given myself. Thank you for all the fun dinners I did not have to make. You deserve the world.

1. Nonstick Cookware Set

2. Bamboo Cookbook Holder (or Ipad!)

3. Copper Lid Storage Containers

4. Aysel Apron

5. Tea Towels

6. Measuring Spoons

7. Gingham Recipe Box

8. The Burn Cookbook

9. Marble & Wood Coasters


This friend we love for their absolutely fantastic Instagram. We love it! They love it!

1. Weekend Bag

2. Mini Emergency Kit

3. Polaroid Viewfinder Instant Camera

4. Scratch Off World Map

5. Getaway Travel Neck Pillow

6. The Wood Collection Swell Bottle

7. Bluetooth Headphones

8. Jet Set Travel Essentials

9. This Bag Is Not Yours Luggage Tag

10. Compact Folding Hair Dryer

11. Packing Cubes Luggage Organizer


I asked, YOU answered. I have always had the hardest time figuring out what to get Jordan each year, and these were the top suggested things!! 1. Blackstone Men's Grooming Skincare

2.Flannel Long Sleeve Shirt

3. Frye Watch

4. Key Multi Tool (14 in 1)

5. Carhartt Toboggan

6. Bad To The Beard Oil

7. Airpod Pro

8. Wool Sock 4 Pack

9. Carnivore Club Rub & Grilling Set

10. Waxed Canvas Duffle

11. Harry's Winter Shave Gift Set


Sign up. Stay happy.

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