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The Ultimate 2020 Holiday Gift Guides

Welcome to your Christmas shopping bff: Gift Guides. Every year, I never fail to wait until the last second to buy gifts. This always ends up with super cheesy gifts that are never a reflection of how much the people in my life truly mean to me.

The best gifts are the ones that are personal. Below, you'll find guides for the Traveler, CEO (think girl boss vibes), Homebody, Fitness Guru, Creative, and a guide for Him.

Find the guide that sounds most like someone you know and get to shopping! All product links are listed below the image or you can click the image for links as well. P.S. I do get a little commission if you shop through my link, so thanks for doin dat i love ya.

The Traveler

  1. Multi-purpose Travel Passport Wallet: This bad boy will hold all of your travel documents in one place! From your passport, phone, and plane tickets, this wallet keeps you organized and happy. Plus, it comes in multiple colors and has over 10,000 5 star reviews.

  2. The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big & Small by Kath Stathers: "From glassblowing in the Czech Republic to swimming with dolphins in New Zealand, The Bucket List is the perfect gift for the passionate traveler, written by a passionate traveler - an around-the-world, continent-by-continent listing of beaches, museums, monuments, islands, inns, restaurants, mountains + more!" Since travel is on pause for many of us, this is a fun coffee table book to flip through.

  3. Mossio 7 Set Packing Cubes with Shoe Bag: Packing cubes help save space (and a headache) when packing your luggage for your next trip. Not only will it keep your items organized, but once you arrive at your destination, it makes transferring to drawers super convenient! Plus, these are waterproof and also fit inside a carry on.

  4. POWERADD Portable Charger: A must have for long travel days where you may not be near an outlet to charge your phone. Having a portable charger helps keep the phone in action to take all the beautiful photos.

  5. Himawari Laptop Travel Backpack with USB Charging Port: This is an excellent bag all around, but especially for travel for housing exactly what you may need to get through a layover or a long road trip. Roomy enough to accommodate a 15" computer, tablet, glasses, wallet, keys, earphone, power bank, cell phone, document and clothes, this backpack is sure to be a hit.

  6. FujiFilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera: There's just something about a polaroid picture that hits different. The mini instant photos make the perfect size for the back of a phone case or super fun photo albums. Don't forget to buy the Mini Instant Film to go along with it!

  7. Happy Place Travel Pillow: Adios neck cramps induced by awkward places to sleep (ex: Planes/Cars). A comfortable neck pillow helps you get the best rest that you can. The drawstring is a bonus! Tie that bad boy to your suitcase and set off to your happy place.

  8. Homesick Road Trip Candle: No matter where your loved ones are, remind them of home with this candle. Smelling like fresh air and cedarwood, think windows down road trip in a candle.

  9. Mental Vacation - Getaway Toiletry Bag: Sometimes it's hard to remember that a vacation truly means relaxation. Giving your mind a break and time to recharge is so important. Let this toiletry bag be a daily reminder to mentally vacate ;) This bag has easy to clean material and small compartments for optimal organization.

  10. Adventure Scratch Map: Adventure is always a good idea, baby! This scratch-off map is a fun and unique way to keep a record of your travels.

  11. Pocket Hand Sanitizers - Pack of 4: In memory of the most sanitized our hands have ever been, I had to throw this gift in here. These pocket hand sanitizers are the perfect size for travelling! The natural ingredients help keep the hands soft and moisturized. The different scents/ingredients include: Lavender, Lychee, Peppermint, and Yuzu.


  1. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug: This beautiful creation of the future doesn't let your coffee get cold. Need I say more?

  2. Best Year Ever Desk Calendar - 2021: This calendar stands up on its own, is filled with encouraging art from the coolest artists, and (I believe) manifests your best year ever.

  3. Be Your Own Sugar Daddy Candle: Shop small! Not only is this candle absolutely hilarious and comes in 10 different scents, but you'll be supporting the small business of SofiaAndKatie from Etsy!

  4. Sonix Brown Tortoise Case for Airpods: Protect your Airpods in style and keep them close with the detachable snap hook. Click here for the Airpods Pro case.

  5. Kaya Laptop Backpack: The hype is real for this backpack and for good reason. "You never knew you were missing out until you meet Kaya. This stylish backpack with laptop compartment is perfect for work, college, business, travel, or everyday use. Made from faux leather, this 15 inch women’s backpack will take you from day-to-night."

  6. Make It Happen - Large Notebook: Super cute and motivating. Jot all those great ideas down, here!

  7. TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Protect your beautiful eyes! Too much exposure to the blue light emitted from our phones, TVs and computer can be incredibly harmful. Blue light blocking glasses help fight the fatigue and headaches that blue light brings on.

  8. Crystal Wireless Charging Pad: Need to charge your phone, but also want a cool crystal on your desk? Well do I have a gift idea for you. "When you need a charge, simply place any wirelessly compatible device on the pad. These pads look like agate crystal with a gold trim, allowing them to double as a chic piece of decor when not in use."

  9. Stay Positive - Universal Power Bank: This portable charger works for all phones and has enough charge to give an iPhone a full charge! The design is super compact, making it easy to carry around.

  10. Gold Butterfly Papyrus Blank Cards: They need to have cards to write their thank you letters to you, right? I kid, I kid. The gold foil on these cards adds an elegant pop to a simple notecard. Having a nice set of cards on a desk is a must for your fellow workaholic (WE LVOE EM) friends.


  1. White Faux Sherpa Robe: "With a luxurious soft-fleece feel, our white faux-sherpa robe gives you all the cozy warmth you need on cold winter nights and chilly mornings. Complete with shawl collar, pockets and a waist tie, it's the perfect way to indulge in a little pampering in the comfort of home."

  2. Me, Myself, and Coffee - Big Ceramic Mug: This quote is self-love at its finest. The holy trinity. All you need in this life. This one I shall purchase for also me.

  3. Women's Fluffy Fur Slippers: "These house slippers are extremely cozy & comfy! They feature an open-toe design and a fuzzy plush fabric that makes them warm, soft and relaxing." Plus, these come in multiple colors! Just in case your person isn't really a cheetah person.

  4. Faux Fur Weighted Blanket: Weighted blankets help increase deeper sleep and decrease anxiety. They are designed to help us feel secure and relaxed. This is the first one I've seen that looks like it could fit in with my decor, so I had to add it! The removable cover is machine washable and so dang cozy.

  5. Unwind Live Well Gift Set: Sets always make for easy gifts! This set is a literal gift of sleep, including: "Planting and tending to the lavender seeds in their hydroponic grow kit is the perfect wind-down activity before bed, and the eventual blossoms will calm with their soporific scent. Light the candle to fill your bedroom with the aromas of orange blossoms, lavender and cedarwood as you prepare for bed. A spritz of pillow spray infused with relaxing essential oils lets scents linger long after the candle is extinguished. Once you're ready to sleep, the pure cotton mask striped in grey and cream blocks light."

  6. Introvert Candles - Do Not Disturb: The aroma of Spice, Sea Salt, Cedar and Vanilla will float through the air while you cancel your plans and stay home. Handcrafted candles that celebrate socially selective individuals everywhere.

  7. Barefoot Dreams - Heathered Plush Socks: Bringing the infamously cozy blanket to your feet.

  8. Star Seeker Printed Pajama Set: I said it once and I'll say it again, a set is the easiest gift to give. Plus, I don't care how cool you want to be, no one is mad about receiving comfy PJ's. True to size!

  9. Cozy Up Buttercup Pillow: Homebodies love a good pillow in their lap, dim lights, and Netflix. This pillow is key.

  10. French Press Coffee Maker: "CHAMBORD is a true original – the classic French press coffee maker designed in the 30’s, and they still produce it with the same painstaking craftsmanship we used way back when with the original. The unique chrome-plated metal frame protects the glass and also acts as a stand."

  11. Chill Pills Bath Bombs: Going through it? Chill pill bath bombs.


  1. Camo Adidas Swift Run X Shoes: These are in men's sizing, so be sure to google what a woman's foot size would be in mens. I am a US 8 womens and a 6.5 mens!

  2. LARQ Self Cleaning 17 oz Water Bottle: It had me at self cleaning. Word from the brand: LARQ began with a simple vision where innovative technology can be combined with inspirational design to help people access pristine drinking water easily and sustainably everywhere - on the go and at home. The LARQ Bottle is the world's first self-cleaning water bottle and water purification system. It uses UV-C LED light to eliminate up to 99.9999% of bio-contaminants from your water and bottle. Their products look as good as they make you feel. LARQ is confident that these are the most beautiful hydration products in the world that make it easier for everyone to make the healthier and sustainable choice, anytime and anywhere.

  3. Adidas Round Duffel Bag: The key to committing to your fitness routine is getting that gym bag ready to go the night before! This way, you can quite literally wake up and go.

  4. Boho Rainbow Wellness Journal: "This year’s been a little different to say the least – make time for yourself with our daily wellness journal. Start and end your day with a fresh mindset, set intentions and take note of the things that make you feel good. There are 12-weeks of pages for reflecting on your mindful goals, habits, meals, water intake, sleep and the things you’re grateful for."

  5. Alo Yoga - City Girl Pullover: New workout clothes, new me. This pullover is perfect for every day running around or heading to the gym.

  6. 1 Pound Bala Bangles - Blush: Add an extra resistance to your workout! They allow full range of motion, unlike traditional weights, to allow you to complete any workout routine with a little extra umf.

  7. Apple Watch Series 3 GPS - Sport Band: I know a tracking device seems like the obvious item to add to the list, but if you're an Apple user, this is the one for you! It allows you to measure your workouts, from running and cycling to high-intensity interval training. You can better manage everyday stress and monitor your heart rate more effectively. Automatically sync your favorite playlists and stay connected to the people and info you care about most. Plus, it's waterproof!

  8. Nike Women's Swoosh Sport 2.0 Headband 6 Pack: Probably the closest I'll get to a six pack, but hey I LOVE the color palette.

  9. Bombas Women's Socks: I remember when this brand first came out, and I have been a huge fan ever since. Dare I say, hug for your feet? Great arch support, invisible toe, and BLISTER TAB. Team no blisters.

  10. TSA Approved Toiletry Bag: An absolute WIN if you travel, but also a great toiletry bag to throw in your gym bag!


  1. Brighten Up - Coloring Book: Coloring is therapeutic. Prove me wrong. It forces you to slow down and only focus on one thing. This book is filled with positivity that your creative pal will love. It's me - I'm creative pal.

  2. Bamboo Coasters in Pink Abstract Set: Everyone has cups. This is what we call a universally practical gift, but make it cute. Set of four!

  3. Smiley Patch Beanie: Hair that dry shampoo won't even fix? It's beanie season, baby.

  4. Set of 60 Sketch Markers: These markers produce a smooth, bold color that is easy to mix. Great for creating a variety of artworks.

  5. Desk Organizer - Pencil Holder: Keep your space organized and cute with this hexagon desk organizer. This is a great deal with great reviews and comes in three separate colors!

  6. Creative Confidence by Tom Kelley & David Kelley: Being creative is brave in my opinion. Showing the world something you've worked hard on and are proud of knowing it may never be appreciated is difficult. It often times will make creators quit before they begin. This book helps unleash the creative potential that's within us all. Sometimes we just need a little nudge :)

  7. W&P Porter Ceramic Mug - Terrazzo Blush: From the brand: "We’re committed to leaving the world better than we found it. For twice a day coffee drinker, the Porter Mug can save over 600 disposable cups from the landfill each year." Bundle the gift with the matching Porter Glass Water Bottle.

  8. We Are One - Puzzle: I saw this puzzle while shopping this past weekend in Nashville and was SO happy to find it online. This is such a beautiful reminder for us all and it's a healthy way to engage your mind.

  9. Keurig Mini Single Serve Coffee Maker: This would be a great addition to a creative's studio or workspace! Less than 5 inches wide, this is perfect for small spaces. While the coffee maker is small, your coffee amount is up to you. Choose from a 6 - 12 oz serving. Let's be honest, we need all the coffee in the world right now.

  10. Floral Boho Spiral Notebook: Don't forget to write down all your crazy ideas! This notebook is the perfect size for a purse, backpack, or briefcase. It will be right by your side when inspiration hits or if you just need to write allllll of your feelings (me).

  11. Bold Move Mug: We shall call the soup of the day...coffee. With a fun handle and vibrant colors, this mug is sure to motivate the creator in all of us.


  1. Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers - Set of 2

  2. Men's Slim Wallet - Main Street Forge

  3. Smart Key Organizer Keychain

  4. Marble Alarm Clock

  5. Wurkin Stiffs - Magnetic Collar Stays

  6. BottleLoft

  7. Boarding Pass NYC - Work hard, play hard duffel

  8. Quilted Walker Vest - J Crew:

  9. Corkcicle Coffee Mug - Walnut

  10. RTIC Insulated Soft Cooler Bag

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