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Something Borrowed Blooms

Happy Thursday everyone!

As many of you know, I have been deep into the wedding planning process for a few months now. At the beginning, I thought it was sweet that everyone was always offering to help, but I didn’t really understand why.


Planning a wedding is brutal. Especially when you aren’t trying to break the bank for just one day. I have a tough time justifying the spending of thousands of dollars for less than twenty four hours. That’s just my personality. I also don’t have thousands of dollars, so. Now, while I am definitely a girl on a butter, I am also a girl with an elaborate Pinterest board that just *~must~* be executed, and this is not the best combination.

Between the venue, dress, food, drinks, cakes, decor, music, photography, and more... expenses can add up fast. Many people sacrifice their dream vision in order to fit their budget. This is what I was about to do when it came around to floral. My vision is lots of greenery, and was quickly becoming so expensive that I was about to pick my own leaves and scatter them all around.

For my bridesmaids alone, normal floral vendors were well into the thousands. That not including the bridal bouquet or ANY greenery inside the actual venue. Now, I completely understand their pricing as I know a lot of hard work goes into creating bouquets, garlands, and more. In fact, I completely respect and am thoroughly impressed with the art. However, it was unfortunately not going to work with my budget.

Then I found Something Borrowed Blooms and YOU GUYS I COULD CRY!

Something Borrowed Blooms offers beautiful silk bouquets, garlands, boutonnieres and more, saving brides over half the price. By having the option to rent the flowers, the price is INSANELY affordable. Plus, it helps you not feel so guilty as you won’t be throwing all the flowers away the next day.

But do they feel real?

YES - It’s almost magical, and I do not know how they do it. They hand select the highest quality silk wedding flowers after spending hours researching the most popular bridal trends.

When will I receive them?

Two days before your big day. WOO! And they guarantee delivery, so no stressing over the details!

My favorite part of their company is that they offer so many different collections. So, depending on your style, you can purchase every piece from the same collection to match perfectly or mix and match similar collections to create a unique look.

I chose the “Taylor” collection because I am looking for something not so perfect, if you will. Since my wedding is going to be a more boho-themed wedding, I wanted my flowers to have a more natural, freshly picked look. Plus, the colors are BEAUTIFUL and I absolutely love all the added greenery.

Since this is a collections, I was also able to choose the beautiful garlands for the tables. Along with the garlands, they offer decor you can rent as well and I have chosen some beautiful candles to spread throughout the garland on the tables.

I absolutely love that I was able to get everything I wanted in ONE place, and be able to ship it right back the next day.

The gals who run Something Borrowed Blooms, cousins Lauren and Laken, are absolute creative geniuses and were more than helpful throughout my selection process. They have completely modernized the way brides plan and pay for their wedding flowers. I am beyond glad that I stumbled upon them because my entire total, including garlands, decor, and bouquets, ended up being less than the price of real flowers for just my bridesmaids.

All in all, I still get to have the wedding I have pinned all over Pinterest without having to go into massive debt ;)

If you are getting married in the future, this has been my biggest lifesaver thus far and I am so excited to share them with you! Let me know which collection you would choose :)


INSTA: @sbblooms

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