• Hannah Neese

Must Read Thriller Books

When it comes to books, if I am not left scared to DEATH, questioning everyone I trust, or sleeping with a light on...It’s just words on paper to me, baby. Thrillers are my favorite genre of books. In my monthly order (shout out to amazon’s used books), there are at least two thrillers in each of those orders. The others are more inspirational :) Similar vibes, for sure. Below are some of the ones that MESSED. ME. UP. Behind Her Eye’s ending actually had me wide-eyed, mouth dropped, looking around my room in SHOCK at absolutely no audience.

1. The Whisper Man

2. The Woman In The Window

3. Behind Her Eyes (!!!!!)

4. Pieces Of Her

5. One Night Gone

6. The Nanny

7. Girls Night Out

8. The Wife Between Us

9. The Flight Attendant

If you have read any of these, WHAT DID YOU THINK?! No spoilers, but lemme know if u panicked.

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