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Fall Fashion Trends 2019

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Well if it isn't the time of year that we will Autumn into existence. Post labor day is my favorite because I now force myself to believe the leaves are turning, the air is brisk, and the sweaters are cozy. When in fact, it is 98 degrees here in Nashville and the thought of a sweater is absolutely horrific.

Although the weather isn't doing its part, I am fully doing mine: Preparing for fall in the most fashionable way. Will I spend most of my days in an oversized hoodie and leggings? Yes. But on the one day per month where I do not, these trends are mine for the taking.

Some of my favorite places to shop for fall:

1. Boohoo


3. Revolve

1. Cardigan; 2. Bag; 3. Mules; 4. Sweater; 5. Sports Set

Dare I say leopard girls, leopard sisters? I call being Galleria.

Leopard started peeping into the fashion world with biker shorts this summer, and it is on full display for fall fashion. Listen if you are wearing leopard, I automatically feel inferior to you which I understand is a personal issue, but man I love a good leopard moment.

1. Rolling Stones; 2. Denim Jacket; 3. Backpack; 4. Puffer Jacket; 5. Smiley


I am so grateful for this trend. I have no idea who to thank, but I thank them for bringing it back. I love tie dye. I feel like my seven year old self would see me and be so proud that although I didn't turn out to be the Duchess of Cambridge, I am still rocking tie dye.

1. Lilith Platform; 2. Ripley Western; 3. Chunky Hiker; 4. Winona Western; 5. Iris Studded Western

Ankle boot, ankle sisters?

The cowboy/ western style has really decided this is their year to shine. I have been seeing this trend everywhere, and while I am from the heart of Nashville, I still have a hard time jumping on this one. I have added a few "toned down" options because honestly I am scared. However, I will heck someone up for those patterned booties, so. To each its own.

I have also added the details of my 'fit below. I'm so excited for fall, it's embarrassing.


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