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Best Products for Curly Hair

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

As one may state as obvious, I have very curly hair. I love it. I like my little poodle head, but I didn't always like it and sometimes that makes me sad. For years, I was so insecure with my curly hair. Every other girl had straight hair or long loose waves, and honestly...I thought by letting my hair be natural, I was being "lazy". Sounds silly, but growing up without seeing any girls with hair that looked liked mine does silly things to ya. (Same with body representation but DO NOT GET ME STARTED ON THAT ONE).

Anyway, this past year I have worn my hair curly more than I ever have in my life. Well, ever since my 2009 self discovered the straightener. 2009 was some different kind of era, man. In 2019, I am embracing the curls! It's 5000x easier in the mornings, I feel more confident in looking different from others, and I have finally learned the products to tame it. It was a prowling lion vibe for a hot minute.

I asked my curly girls on Instagram what products they swear by. THEY DELIVERED. I've divided them by category and added the most recommended products in each category. All around brands that were mentioned multiple times are listed at the bottom of this blog post. Here's to embracing the mane, ladies.

**I feel like it should be known that Deva Curl and Monat products (all around) were mentioned so many times that I am like honestly proud of both of those companies. Listed below are specific products that were mentioned.

Heavily mentioned brands:

- jenny___fer said it's her holy grail, so. I trust you JENNY!!!

- b_gam said specifically the curl cream.

- thisiscourtneyjames also said the curl cream FTW.

- This was mentioned so many times that I feel like it's more valued than oxygen.

- Dearmackenzie said specifically their gel oil for curls. Thank you, Mackenzie. Love ya.'

affiliate links are included in this post thank u i love u guys so much

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